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FAQs and Ts&Cs

When will my Christmas Tree be delivered?

You may choose a preferred delivery date at the point of checkout and we will deliver within three working days of this date.


We will of course endeavour to deliver your tree on your chosen day where possible. In any event you will be contacted by our courier ahead of delivey to arrange a time and any access requirements. If you do not choose a delivery date, we will deliver your tree within three working days of purchase from 1 December. 

Our team will contact you directly to arrange your delivery with you and discuss any access issues. Please make the courier aware if there are issues regarding access (for instance if you live in an apartment block or a gated building).

What do I do if my delivery hasn't arrived?

We aim to deliver all items within the delivery window. In the rare event of an item not arriving on time, please contact our delivery team on 01422 340821.


Do I have to be there to sign for delivery?

No, our courier will leave your order in a safe place, provided the courier deems it safe to do so. A delivery card will be posted through your letter box informing you where the tree has been left. If the courier does not deem it suitable to leave the tree unattended, they will take the order back to the sorting depot and contact you to re-arrange delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

Please note that once an order has been placed it is non-refundable. Should you wish to cancel your order for any reason please contact us at where we can look to issue you with a voucher, to be redeemed within 12 months. In the event you do wish to cancel your order you must do so not less than 72 hours before your order is due to be delivered as it may well have left our site and be with the courier for sorting ahead of delivery by that time.

Can I return a product, exchange it or get a refund?

All orders are non-refundable but we can offer an exchange in the unlikely event that there is a serious defect with your tree. Please note that Christmas Trees are living organisms, and whilst we will always select you a quality tree from our plantations, no two trees are exactly the same.

Help! I've ordered a tree but I'm not in your delivery zone

We cover a wide area for deliveries, covering most of the North of England including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Tyneside, the Midlands and beyond. You can check the full list of postcodes we cover on our 'Where we Deliver' page. Please check you live within our delivery zone before purchasing your tree!

If you have accidentally bought a tree for delivery and you live outside our delivery zone, please contact us at and we will see what we can do.

Can I re-use My Christmas Tree after Christmas?

All our Christmas Trees are fresh cut meaning they will last up to Christmas and beyond if properly cared for, specifically by keeping well-watered and away from sources of direct heat such as radiators. Having been cut your tree will not survive well beyond Christmas and will need to be disposed of.

Are real Christmas Trees good for the environment?

Yes! All our Christmas Trees are locally grown right here at Stockeld Park and we have some half a million trees in the ground, making us Yorkshire's largest Christmas Tree grower and one of the oldest and most renowned growers of real Christmas Trees in England.


Our plantations generate enough oxygen to sustain 4,000 people and absorb some 600 tonnes of CO2 every year.


Moreover, we plant almost double the number of trees that we cut down every year, so Stockeld is very much a net contributor to the environment and a growing one!


A real Christmas Tree is certainly an infinitely better environmental prospect than fake artificial trees, almost all of which have been manufactured in and shipped from the Far East, and contain non-biodegradable plastics and possible metal toxins such as lead.

How wide will my tree be?

As with any natural and growing organism, Christmas Trees will vary from tree-to-tree. As a rule, however, we advise that a Christmas Tree will be half as wide as it is tall, so if your tree is six foot tall allow for a three foot width.

Will my Christmas Tree drop its needles?

In the old days, the majority of trees sold in the UK were the Norway Spruce, the traditional Christmas Tree first popularised in these islands as a festive decoration in the mid-19th century by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria.

These trees, whilst looking and smelling beautiful, do drop their needles, and this might be the memory you have of the state of your carpets growing up!

Today, this is no longer so. Almost all the Christmas Trees grown at Stockeld Park are the Nordmann Fir, commonly referred to as ‘non-needle drop’.

The Nordmann has become the favoured tree in the United Kingdom for many reasons. It has beautiful proportions and symmetry and its needles are a deep green on top and silver-grey underneath. Best of all, the Nordmann, properly cared for, will shed few needles once installed in your home. Please remember however that your Christmas Tree is a living organism and as such must be kept well-watered and, if possible, away from sources of direct heat such as radiators.

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