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Beautiful non-needle drop Christmas Trees all grown on the Stockeld Park Estate,

Yorkshire's largest Christmas Tree grower

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From Field to Festivity
About our Trees

Our Christmas Trees are the Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana), commonly referred to as ‘non-needle drop’.

The Nordmann Fir is Britain’s most popular Christmas Tree. The needles are dark green on top and silver-grey underneath, and the tree is favoured for its straight trunk and beautiful symmetry.

We have some half-a-million Nordmanns growing on the Stockeld Park Estate, and we are one of the oldest and most renowned growers of real Christmas Trees in England.


About our Service

Getting your Christmas Tree Delivered

Christmas Tree delivery across Yorkshire and beyond
You choose what size tree you’d like, anywhere from 4 foot to 12 foot.

We will select your Christmas Tree according to the size specified. You will be contacted by our team shortly after purchase of your tree to arrange your delivery slot. Unless otherwise requested, delivery for October and November pre-orders will take place from 1 December and delivery for all subsequent orders will take place within 72 hours of purchase.

Please be aware that a Christmas Tree is a living organism and every tree is unique. We will only select quality trees for delivery but variations in size and shape will exist from tree to tree.

Our delivery zone covers most of the North of England, including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Tyneside, the Midlands and beyond. Please check our 'Where we Deliver' page to see if your postcode falls within our delivery radius before purchasing your tree!

Caring for your Christmas Tree

One of the half-million Christmas Trees on Yorkshire's largest Christmas Tree plantation.
Remember, your Christmas Tree is a living thing and as such it needs to be cared for! 

Please be sure to unnet your Christmas Tree as soon as possible after delivery. 

Simply place your Christmas Tree in a stand that can hold water and keep topped up regularly. If